The latest featured fares on Sun Country Airlines include fares starting at $97 roundtrip to and from Minneapolis (MSP), Dallas (DFW), Madison (MSN), Nashville (BNA), Portland (PDX), and St. Louis (STL).

This sale does not have an advertised expiration date, so these fares may jump in price at any time. Since Sun Country's lowest fares only include a small personal item, make sure to compare with other airlines, such as Delta, American, Alaska, and Southwest, which may offer slightly higher fares to match this sale and will include a normal carry-on bag plus one personal item.

Travel dates and travel periods vary depending on each individual route, so be sure to click on the fare details below for specifics. Availability ranges from fall travel only, fall/winter travel, or travel through the end of Sun Country's booking schedule in early April. There are no blackout dates listed, but travel around the holidays will generally yield higher fares.

Nonstop fares include:

Austin to Minneapolis $97 roundtrip

Portland to Las Vegas $97 roundtrip

Portland to Reno $97 roundtrip

Dallas to Las Vegas $103 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Orlando $109 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Los Angeles $111 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Las Vegas $113 roundtrip

Nashville to Orlando $117 roundtrip

Nashville to Miami $117 roundtrip

Dallas to Tampa $117 roundtrip

St. Louis to Tampa $117 roundtrip

Nashville to Fort Myers $117 roundtrip

Portland to Palm Springs $117 roundtrip

Nashville to Tampa $137 roundtrip

New Orleans to Nashville $137 roundtrip

Minneapolis to San Diego $157 roundtrip

Phoenix to Portland $157 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Miami $177 roundtrip

St. Louis to Fort Myers $177 roundtrip

Minneapolis to New Orleans $177 roundtrip

Portland to Minneapolis $183 roundtrip

Madison to Fort Myers $197 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Savannah $197 roundtrip

Minneapolis to San Francisco $217 roundtrip

Madison to Tampa $217 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Palm Springs $229 roundtrip

New York to Minneapolis $237 roundtrip

All fares work in the reverse direction as well. Sun Country's Grab & Go fares only include one small personal item (small backpack, large purse, etc.) that will fit underneath your seat. Checked bag fees start at $20 each way. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $30 each way.

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