Ever want to watch the planes touch down over your head at Maho Beach? For all you planespotters or those just wanting a sunny escape during the winter, fly nonstop from Newark to St. Maarten for $319 roundtrip on United Airlines.

Fares at this price start on select dates from December 31 through March 7, 2019, departures must take place before mid-February. This flight books into United's basic economy fare bucket which will restrict your carry-on to just a small item that fits under the seat in front of you. If you find that too restrictive, you can bump up to standard economy for $50 more roundtrip. American Airlines just rolled back its restrictions on carry-on items on its basic economy fares, and in the airline marketplace, it's a lot of monkey-see-monkey-do. Which means before you even fly this in January, United might've rolled back those draconian baggage stipulations too.

As an example, I found seats departing EWR on Sunday, January 27 and returning from SXM on Sunday, February 3, 2018. Your best bet for finding tickets at this price is in mid-January departures.

There are a bunch of great deals out of EWR today, so make sure to click on the Newark flight details page to see a full listing of our finds.

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