Drop everything and book these cheap flights to Paris now. Huge price drops on American Airlines from over 100 airports around the US. Most include one free checked bag. Fares start at $436 roundtrip. If you live in a major city, there are also great deals to other locations all over France.

Some major cities may have lower fares to Paris on other airlines like Icelandair, WOW, or Norwegian, but these are amazing fares on American Airlines from both small and large cities across the USA. Most of these fares are standard main cabin economy fares, which includes one free checked bag. This sale is unadvertised and prices may jump at any time. Book now to secure your trip to France!

The travel window may vary by route, but most routes are valid for travel over a wide range of dates from mid-September through mid-May, excluding peak holiday travel. Some of the larger cities may have a more narrow travel window within these months. A 7-night minimum stay is required.

If the price listed is $478 or below, it is a regular economy fare, which includes one free checked bag (with the one exception of Atlanta). Fares in the $470s can be bought for about $17 less in basic economy, but I'm assuming the majority will be willing to shell out the extra $17 for a regular economy ticket, since basic economy does not include any checked bags or advance seat assignment.

Fares in the $480s are basic economy, and are about $90 more for regular economy. If you need to check bags, opt for the regular economy fares. Fares in the $500s may be either basic or regular economy. Click on the fare details for more info.

A sample of fares include: Update 2:00pm ET, August 9: Travel windows are closing and seats are starting to sell out. These probably won't last much longer. Book now!

San Juan to Paris $436 roundtrip

St. Croix to Paris $440 roundtrip

New York to Paris $447 roundtrip, nonstop

Harrisburg to Paris $458 roundtrip

Norfolk to Paris $458 roundtrip

Atlanta to Paris $461 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Paris $461 roundtrip

Seattle to Paris $461 roundtrip

Hartford to Paris $461 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Paris $461 roundtrip

Orange County to Paris $461 roundtrip

Erie to Paris $461 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Paris $461 roundtrip

Portland, OR to Paris $461 roundtrip

Miami to Paris $464 roundtrip, nonstop

Greenville to Paris $471 roundtrip

Lexington to Paris $475 roundtrip

Myrtle Beach to Paris $475 roundtrip

Louisville to Paris $475 roundtrip

New Orleans to Paris $475 roundtrip

Little Rock to Paris $475 roundtrip

Raleigh to Paris $478 roundtrip

Tampa to Paris $478 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Paris $478 roundtrip

San Diego to Paris $478 roundtrip

Columbus to Paris $484 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Paris $484 roundtrip

Des Moines to Paris $484 roundtrip

Springfield to Paris $484 roundtrip

Madison to Paris $484 roundtrip

Boston to Paris $488 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Paris $491 roundtrip

Ocean City to Paris $498 roundtrip

Toledo to Paris $524 roundtrip

Detroit to Paris $556 roundtrip

Sacramento to Paris $588 roundtrip

There are many more routes available as well. This is nearly nationwide, but a few states are excluded from this sale. Most notably, smalller airports in New York, Florida, and Texas.

For a complete list of deals, check out all of our fares to Paris (CDG).

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