Airfare to Tahiti is dropping considerably this year. Flights that used to cost thousands of dollars are now as low as $629 roundtrip from west coast cities and in the low $1,000s from all over North America.

Most of these incredible deals are on United. Some of the lower fares use a combo of Alaska Airlines and UnitedDelta/Air France have low fares from Bay area cities and Los Angeles.

Travel is valid from November through March, excluding peak holiday travel. Travel on Alaska/United is via San Francisco on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Travel on Delta/Air France is via Los Angeles to Tahiti on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; and from Tahiti on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There may be a 1-month max stay for these prices.

Fares are unadvertised and may jump in price at any time. Book quickly to secure your trip to paradise.

A sample of fares include:

Oakland to Papeete $629 roundtrip

San Francisco to Papeete $629 roundtrip

San Jose to Papeete $629 roundtrip

San Francisco to Papeete $685 roundtrip, nonstop

Honolulu to Papeete $749 roundtrip, nonstop on Hawaiian Airlines

Los Angeles to Papeete $837 roundtrip, nonstop

Santa Ana to Papeete $901 roundtrip

San Diego to Papeete $916 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Papeete $925 roundtrip

Portland to Papeete $926 roundtrip

Seattle to Papeete $929 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Papeete $998 roundtrip

Denver to Papeete $1,004 roundtrip

New York to Papeete $1,037 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Papeete $1,053 roundtrip

Newark to Papeete $1,056 roundtrip

Chicago to Papeete $1,056 roundtrip

Kansas City to Papeete $1,082 roundtrip

Boston to Papeete $1,084 roundtrip

Phoenix to Papeete $1,090 roundtrip

Fort Lauderdale to Papeete $1,102 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Papeete $1,105 roundtrip

Houston to Papeete $1,108 roundtrip

Atlanta to Papeete $1,235 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Papeete $1,259 roundtrip

Columbus to Papeete $1,324 roundtrip

Vancouver to Papeete $1,660 CAD ($1,262 USD) roundtrip

Toronto to Papeete $1,779 CAD ($1,353 USD) roundtrip

Montreal to Papeete $1,872 CAD ($1,423 USD) roundtrip

Similar deals are available from all over North America, large and small airports included. For more deals to French Polynesia and Tahiti, check out all of our fares to Papeete (PPT).

Even if your city isn't listed, it's likely much lower than normal, so check prices from your local airport within the travel dates listed above.

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