Delta is having a huge nationwide sale for late summer/fall travel. Other airlines have matched along some routes. Many routes that don't usually see many sales are discounted in this sale. Have a look to see what's available. Fares start at just $95 roundtrip.

There are many big price drops on nonstop flights from Delta hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. If you live in or want to fly to a small market such as Asheville, Burlington, or West Yellowstone, this sale could be just what you're looking for. The biggest price drops are in the smaller markets that don't regularly see fare sales. This seems to be a system wide domestic sale, so the possibilities are endless.

Lowest sale fares are valid for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, from August 14 through November 7. Depending on the route, a Friday or Saturday night stay may be required. There may also be a 30-day max stay. Some routes may have only slightly higher fares for year-round travel or on other days of the week. Click on the fare details for more info.

Tickets must be booked no later than July 15, 2018.

Update July 17: This sale seems to have stuck around past the advertised expiration date. Prices are still valid as of today, but may jump at any time.

A sample of fares include:

Los Angeles to San Francisco $95 roundtrip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Long Beach $117 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Denver $129 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Pasco $153 roundtrip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Sun Valley $169 roundtrip, nonstop

Atlanta to Asheville $177 roundtrip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Omaha $177 roundtrip, nonstop

Detroit to Indianapolis $177 roundtrip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to San Antonio $187 roundtrip, nonstop

Atlanta to Memphis $192 roundtrip, nonstop

New York to Pittsburgh $197 roundtrip, nonstop

Cleveland to New York $197 roundtrip, nonstop

St. Louis to Atlanta $197 roundtrip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Grand Rapids $197 roundtrip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Albuquerque $197 roundtrip, nonstop

Duluth to Boston $204 roundtrip

Redmond to West Yellowstone $210 roundtrip

New York to Louisville $215 roundtrip, nonstop

Kansas City to Seattle $217 roundtrip, nonstop

Atlanta to Key West $217 roundtrip, nonstop

Sacramento to West Yellowstone $221 roundtrip

Medford to West Yellowstone $221 roundtrip

Portland to Jackson Hole $234 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Billings $255 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to West Yellowstone $261 roundtrip

Columbus to Los Angeles $267 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Fairbanks $271 roundtrip, nonstop

Harrisburg to Miami $271 roundtrip

Boston to Asheville $274 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to New Orleans $274 roundtrip

Omaha to Panama City Beach $274 roundtrip

Burlington to Seattle $284 roundtrip

Austin to Burlington $291 roundtrip

Atlanta to Los Angeles $291 roundtrip, nonstop

Detroit to Salt Lake City $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Missoula $317 roundtrip, nonstop

Cincinnati to Portland, OR $354 roundtrip

Knoxville to Santa Ana $374 roundtrip

Lexington to Los Angeles $374 roundtrip

New York to Jackson Hole $374 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Asheville $383 roundtrip

Bozeman to Orlando $392 roundtrip

There are many more routes available and these fares all work in reverse as well. Check flights from your city to see all of today's finds.

These prices are for Delta's Basic Economy fare, but Delta's version of Basic Economy still includes a normal sized carry-on bag plus one personal item. Other airlines are matching these prices along many routes. Basic Economy on American and United will only include a small personal item. Other restrictions apply. Consider the regular economy price if you don't like the Basic Economy restrictions.

Checked bag fees start at $25 each way on all fares. For more tips on flying Delta, read our guide on How to Fly Delta Air Lines.

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