There's a domestic travel fare war going on between American and United. Fares from each other's hub cities are as low as $106 roundtrip to smaller cities across the nation. Fares on these routes are usually much higher so act fast to get in on these huge price drops.

This sale is unadvertised and fares may jump in price at any time. Book now and take advantage of a 24-hour risk free cancellation policy to think about your plans.

Many routes are available for summer travel and into the fall. United's fares are generally available for travel through mid-November, while American's fares are generally available through mid-December. Travel days and restrictions vary by route so be sure to click on the fare details for more info.

A sample of American Airlines fares include:

Oklahoma City to Washington D.C. $106 roundtrip

Dallas to Panama City Beach $116 roundtrip

Cleveland to Charleston $118 roundtrip

Chicago to Roanoke $118 roundtrip

Houston to Huntsville $118 roundtrip

Houston to Wichita $120 roundtrip

Little Rock to Houston $120 roundtrip

Houston to Amarillo $120 roundtrip

Chicago to Rochester, MN $166 roundtrip

A sample of United Airlines fares include:

Columbus to Charlotte $119 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Charlotte $119 roundtrip

Charlotte to Indianapolis $119 roundtrip

Charlotte to Pittsburgh $119 roundtrip

Buffalo to Charlotte $119 roundtrip

Columbus to Philadelphia $120 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Raleigh $120 roundtrip

Boston to Rochester, NY $120 roundtrip

Dallas to Corpus Christi $120 roundtrip

Dallas to Colorado Springs $120 roundtrip

Sioux Falls to Dallas $140 roundtrip

Fares on both American and United:

Syracuse to Raleigh $154 roundtrip

Syracuse to Wilmington $154 roundtrip

Austin to Reno $188 roundtrip

These fares all work in reverse as well and are in Basic Economy. Only one small personal item is included. The upgrade to a regular economy fare varies by route. Some may only be $25 more each way, which is equivalent to a checked bag fee. Others may be much higher for regular economy. Checked bag fees are the same $25 each way for both basic and standard economy, so consider the best fare for you and pack accordingly.

There may be more similar price drops. Check flights from your city to see all of today's current finds.

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