It's back again! It seems like every other week there is some variation of a new unadvertised sale to Hawaii popping up. This time around it's American and United Airlines, who are offering discount deals to four different Hawaiian Islands. For the most part, travel is valid Monday through Thursday from mid-August through October and early November, but exact dates will vary by route. United fares book into Basic Economy, so I'd recommend booking with American if there is an option between the two.

Don't let a little volcanic activity scare you off; it's still completely safe to visit, especially in a few months when these deals open up. Since this sale is unadvertised, it may disappear at any moment. If any of these routes catch your eye we recommend booking ASAP. American and United will allow you to put a fare on hold or cancel within 24-hours free of charge, and so if you're on the fence about it book something now and think it over. 

Sale fares include:

Salt Lake City to Honolulu $414 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Kona $394 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Kahului, Maui $414 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Lihue, Kauai $414 roundtrip

Houston-IAH to Honolulu $414 roundtrip

Houston-IAH to Kona $414 roundtrip

Houston-IAH to Kahului, Maui $414 roundtrip

Houston-IAH  to Lihue, Kauai $414 roundtrip

Houston-HOU to Kahului, Maui $414 roundtrip

Denver to Honolulu $414 roundtrip

Denver to Kona $414 roundtrip

Denver to Lihue, Kauai $414 roundtrip

Atlanta to Honolulu $394 roundtrip

Atlanta to Kona $394 roundtrip

Atlanta to Lihue, Kauai $452 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Kona $394 roundtrip

Detroit to Kahului, Maui $394 roundtrip

Detroit to Kona $394 roundtrip

Detroit to Lihue $424 roundtrip

While this particular sale is only limited to a few airports, there are some other great prices to Hawaii out there today. Have a look at our full list of departures from the mainland to Honolulu HNLMaui OGGKauai LIH, and Kona KOA to see what is available from your closest airport. Mahalo!

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