Some excellent fares to Chiang Mai, Thailand just popped up on 5-star Eva Air. Fares start at $646 roundtrip, when booked on Eva Air's website. Lower fares in the $500s can be found on scattered dates when booking on third party sites.

Chiang Mai is a favorite among many who have traveled to Thailand. Enjoy flying over there on one of the top rated airlines worldwide. Eva Air will connect in Taipei and rarely goes this low for travel to Thailand.

You may find lower fares on mainland Chinese carriers, but Eva Air will be a much better experience. These fares are availalbe for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, starting in late August, through the end of the booking schedule in April 2019. Peak holiday travel is not available for these prices. There is a 3-month max stay.

This sale is unadvertised and fares may jump in price at any time. Book quickly if you want to enjoy the cultural marvel of Thailand.

Fares include:

San Francisco to Chiang Mai $646 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Chiang Mai $662 roundtrip

Chicago to Chiang Mai $672 roundtrip

New York to Chiang Mai $681 roundtrip

Houston to Chiang Mai $695 roundtrip

Seattle to Chiang Mai $695 roundtrip

Vancouver to Chiang Mai $838 CAD ($646 USD) roundtrip

These are the fares you'll find on Eva Air's website. Lower fares may be found on scattered dates on third party sites like Expedia, as shown below, or even lower fares may be found on obscure third party booking sites.

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