Flights from several cities to Cozumel are priced well below the usual rate. Compared to other Mexican resort towns, Cozumel often has exorbitant fares, but we're seeing many in the mid-$300s roundtrip range today. Fares start as low as $290 roundtrip.

All three major US airlines, American, Delta, and United, have dropped prices to Cozumel. As this sale is unadvertised, fares may jump in price at any time. Book quickly to enjoy the island life down in Mexico!

Travel days and restrictions vary depending on your departure city. Many of these fares are available for daily travel through September, with a 14-day advance purchase and a Saturday night stay required. Others may be available year-round or in other months. Click on the fare details for more info.

A sample of fares include:

Baltimore to Cozumel $290 roundtrip

Toronto to Cozumel $301 CAD ($236 USD) roundtrip Winter Travel!

Dallas to Cozumel $305 roundtrip, nonstop

Orlando to Cozumel $314 roundtrip

New Orleans to Cozumel $326 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Cozumel $329 roundtrip

Boston to Cozumel $332 roundtrip

Santa Ana to Cozumel $335 roundtrip

Nashville to Cozumel $338 roundtrip

Columbus to Cozumel $344 roundtrip

Tampa to Cozumel $344 roundtrip

Indianapolis to Cozumel $350 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Cozumel $350 roundtrip

Raleigh to Cozumel $350 roundtrip

Cleveland to Cozumel $365 roundtrip

San Diego to Cozumel $384 roundtrip

Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel $395 roundtrip

St. Louis to Cozumel $395 roundtrip

Newark to Cozumel $401 roundtrip

New York to Cozumel $401 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Cozumel $401 roundtrip

Houston to Cozumel $425 roundtrip, nonstop

Atlanta to Cozumel $469 roundtrip, nonstop

For more deals, visit our Cozumel page.

Fares on Delta and American are mostly basic economy. Delta still includes a normal carry-on allowance plus one personal item for basic economy fares. American will only include a small personal item for basic economy fares. United fares are still standard economy to Mexico, but low fares are more scarce on United.

Where to stay: Have a look at the Presidente Inter-Continental Resort and Spa, which has a best value rating on TripAdvisor.

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