Today Southwest Airlines released its "Sale of the summer"; this is one of the better sales that Southwest posts over the course of the year. The sale prices are generally based on distance. With the $49 one-way tickets available for shorter journeys, the $79 and $99 one-way for mid-distance flights, leaving the $129 and $149 options for the cross-country and popular routes. Some solid value can be found on some of the shorter and mid-range trips that don't always go on sale during peak summer months.

Seats are available for travel only on Tuesday and Wednesdays starting from early June through October 31, 2018. There are no blackout dates listed and as with all Southwest fares, no minimum stay is required. 

Tickets for the listed sale prices must be booked by this Friday night at 11:59 pm, May 18, 2018.

Please note, these fares are only available on Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

Nonstop Fares include:

Boise to Sacramento $93 round-trip

Boston to Baltimore $98 round-trip

Baltimore to Cincinnati $98 round-trip

Washington DC DCA to Columbus $98 round-trip

San Diego to Las Vegas $98 round-trip

Atlanta to New Orleans $98 round-trip

Burbank to San Francisco $98 round-trip

Los Angeles to Reno $98 round-trip

Pensacola to Nashville $98 round-trip

Memphis to Tampa $153 round-trip

Boise to San Diego $153 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Atlanta $158 round-trip

Newark to Chicago MDW $158 round-trip

New York LGA to Milwaukee $158 round-trip

Nashville to Minneapolis $158 round-trip

Chicago MDW to Birmingham $158 round-trip

Hartford to Fort Lauderdale $198 round-trip

Indianapolis to Orlando $198 round-trip

Providence to Tampa $198 round-trip

Atlanta to Denver $198 round-trip

Kansas City to Las Vegas $198 round-trip

San Francisco to Dallas DAL $258 round-trip

Tampa to Phoenix $298 round-trip

Newark to San Diego $298 round-trip

Orlando to Oakland $298 round-trip

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