Save money, you must! JetBlue is feeling the force this May 4th with themed promo codes that will save you 25% off base fares from here to Tatooine. This promo is valid for travel starting tomorrow, May 5 through June 21, 2018. You can apply this code to any route listed below departing Monday through Thursday and Saturday.

Fares must be purchased via by midnight on May 5, 2018.

No word yet on if JetBlue's A320's can fly the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

We've done the Jedi training and found the lowest prices with the 25% discount off applied on the fares below. The following are the only routes available for the promotion.

Episode I - Code: MILKYWAY

Fort Lauderdale to Raliegh $117 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to Richmond $122 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to San Juan $147 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to Havana $186 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to Cancun $191 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to Mexico City $208 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to San Diego $222 round-trip

Episode II - Code: EMPIRE

New York JFK to Portland, ME $80 round-trip

New York JFK to Denver $139 round-trip

New York JFK to Palm Beach $160 round-trip

New York JFK to San Juan $192 round-trip

New York JFK to Cancun $257 round-trip

Episode III - Code: SPACESHIP

Boston to Atlanta $84 round-trip

Boston to Minneapolis $101 round-trip

Boston to Fort Myers $144 round-trip

Boston to Jacksonville $150 round-trip

Boston to San Juan $234 round-trip

Boston to Seattle $241 round-trip

Boston to Cancun $288 round-trip

Episode IV - Code: COMET

Orlando to Richmond $140 round-trip

Orlando to Los Angeles $162 round-trip

Orlando to San Juan $200 round-trip

Orlando to Cancun $280 round-trip

Episode V - Code: GALAXY

San Juan to Fort Lauderdale $147 round-trip

San Juan to Tampa $185 round-trip

San Juan to Newark $222 round-trip

San Juan to Washinton DC DCA $251 round-trip

Episode VI - Code: ASTEROID

Long Beach to San Francisco $59 round-trip

Long Beach to Las Vegas $66 round-trip

Long Beach to San Jose $78 round-trip

Long Beach to Oakland $84 round-trip

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