Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming. From flights, hotels, booking fastpasses, studying the guides, and figuring out where to eat, there is a lot that goes into your visit to the "happiest place on earth." Once you are there, you are going to spend your days walking around the parks, and waiting in long lines.

13 Items to Pack for Your Next Trip to Disney

Here are the 13 key items we've rounded up to make your trip to Disney trouble-free.

S&P Outdoor 35L Sport Backpack

Packable Foldable Folding Travel Sport Beach Backpack
Packable Foldable Folding Travel Sport Beach Backpack

One of the most important things while at Disney is being prepared for a long day, and having a good bag to hold your necessities. The S&P Sport Backpack will hold everything you need for the day. It is waterproof, so if it rains, or you take it on a water ride, your items won’t get wet. It has multi compartments to keep everything organized; plenty of room for your sunscreen, water, sunglasses, snacks and even a sweatshirt in case it gets cool! Available in 3 colors.

Amazon  User  Review: “So light and folds so small yet strong and has a lot of space and pockets.” 

Price: Starting at $17.98 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

LeSportsac Classic Small Cleo Crossbody Hobo

LeSportsac Classic Small Cleo Crossbody Hobo

If you don’t want something as big as a backpack, a crossbody bag will do the trick. The Cleo Crossbody from LeSportsac will fit all of the essentials you will need while park hopping, without weighing you down. It’s nylon, so easy to clean and water resistant. Available in 13 color combos.

Amazon  User  Review: “This bag is awesome! Well made with pockets and lots of room for a small bag. Long adjustable shoulder strap I love. Nylon so can just wipe it off if it gets dirty.”

Price: From $63.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

KEEN Bali Sandals

KEEN Bali Sandals

You cannot go wrong with KEEN when it comes to comfort, durability and practicality. Available for men, women and children, any of the sandals KEEN makes will be a staple for your trip to the happiest place on Earth. Their Women’s Bali sandals are Water resistant, comfortable, and available in 11 color combos. For men, try the Waimea Sandals, which are similar to the Bali.

Amazon  User  Review: "I adore these sandals. I'm embarrassed to say i own 14 pair. I still have my original pair that ate 14 yrs old! I wear an 8.5 in 95% of all my shoes, in these, an 8 fits perfectly. You will not find these sandals for a better price than Amazon."

Price: Starting at $34.96 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Kiss My Face Cool Sport Spray Sunscreen, SPF 50

Kiss My Face Cool Sport Spray Sunscreen

You probably don’t have to be reminded to bring sunscreen, but just in case, this spray sunscreen from Kiss My Face is perfect to throw into your bag for the day. Water resistant for 80 minutes, quick drying, with Vitamin E, Aloe and Cucumber Coolers, your skin will be thanking you for packing this.

Amazon  User  Review: This is the only kind of sunscreen I buy for my kids.”

Price: $13.37 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Ralt Camping Travel Towel

You never know when you might get wet, even if you aren’t intending to, so it is smart to pack a towel, especially for the days you are planning on a water ride. This travel towel from Ralt is compact so won’t take up too much space in your bag, plus it has quick-dry technology, so if you do need it, it won’t take long to dry and can put it back in your bag. Available in 5 colors, and 2 sizes.

Amazon  User  Review: Awesome towels! They perform as described...and boy do they perform.” 

Price: Starting at $14.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Senker Unisex Outdoor Bucket Mesh Sun Hat

Disney World is not a place for vanity, so if you don’t think you are a hat person, it is time to put that notion away and get yourself a good sun hat. The mesh sun hat from Senker is lightweight, and the mesh will keep you cool. The chin strap is an added bonus, so if you don’t want to take it off for the more wild rides, it won’t fly off of your head. Available in 10 colors.

Amazon  User  Review: “Purchased this hat prior to trip to Colorado for mountain hiking. As a melanoma survivor, needed a broad-billed hat. For comfort and stamina, needed lightweight, cool, and not too dark colored. Perfect choice. Once in Colorado, found several stores with very similar hats - just 3 to 5 times as expensive!” 

Price: $6.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4

I Go Compact First-Aid Kit

Although there are First Aid Centers throughout Disney World, having a first-aid kit could come in handy, especially for minor issues that are easily fixed. FDA approved, this first-aid kit from I Go has everything you need to heal up most minor wounds- with bandages, sting relief pads, a first aid guide, alcohol wipes and more, all in a compact case. Perfect to treat minor injuries, or stop something from getting worse before you make your way to the First Aid center.

Amazon User Review: “Great little kit you can take with you without taking up a lot of space. It also contains all you need to administer simple first aid if you have to. The case is such that you can put some other small item in it as well.” 

Price: $11.89 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5 

Healthy Snacks & Bars Variety Pack

Although there is puh-lenty to eat at Disney World, you (and any small people you may be traveling with), might need a snack every once in awhile, especially if you’re waiting in long lines. This variety pack has something for everyone: peanut butter crackers, granola bars, fig bars, and more. You can throw a mix of snacks in your bag, and be assured no one will be getting hangry at the happiest place on Earth!

Amazon User Review: “We love that the snacks are healthy and that there is quite a variety of different snacks.”

Price: $25.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Hot sun, lots of walking and shorts can only mean one thing: chafing. It may be faux-pas to talk about, but let’s face it, it happens to the best of us. This Anti-Chafe Balm from BodyGlide is just what you need for long days of walking in the sun at Disney. Perfect for the thighs, neck, arms or anywhere your skin has the potential to chafe. It is vegan-approved and safe for children. Their anti-blister balm may also come in handy for long days at the parks.

Amazon User Review: In the past I've tried baby powder and deodorant for chafing, but they have never lasted more than a few hours. This body glide stuff actually lasted and I literally felt NO tenderness in my inner thighs by the end of the day. I'm talking being able to wear shorts 2 days in a row at the parks with no injury, which I haven't been able to do before! I recommend this to anyone.”

Price: From $8 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Home and Lounge Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Have we mentioned it will most likely be hot when you are at Disney World? Hydration will be key as your trekking around from ride to ride. This water bottle by Home & Lounge is leak proof and made from eco-friendly material, it will keep your water ice cold for hours, making it perfect to have in your bag while trekking from ride to ride. Available in 6 colors.

Amazon User Review:Home & Lounge is a leak proof and easy to open bottle. It keeps my drink cool. The mouth is wide enough to put ice cubes in it and size is perfect to handle it easily. Also I loved the color. That's really cool! Happy with that.”

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 5

Anker Portable Charger Power Bank

Chances are you will be taking a lot of photos and videos, especially when you bump into your favorite Disney characters. Ease your mind that your phone won’t die by bringing a portable charger, like this one from Anker. You can use it to charge your phone an average of about three times, and it does so quickly! It's also extremely small, makig it very packable, even in a pocket.

Amazon User Review:I really like the size of this one, it’s very easy to travel with even in a pocket. ”

Price: $25.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Moflyom Unisex Polarized Sunglasses

You may want to leave your expensive sunglasses at home, just in case you take them off on a ride and forget to grab them before getting off. These sunglasses by Moflyom are affordable, with UV400 protection coated lenses and a stylish design, making them perfect for your Disney trip. Available in 6 color combos.

Amazon User Review:The quality of this sunglasses is more than what I expected. It is crafted with decent materials, which looks similar to those famous brand. I wear it just for one day and these polarized glasses do help a lot to reduce the strong light enter my eye. In addition, the carry bag comes with it is also very stylish and well-made.”

Price: $12.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Global Slim Fit Lightweight Zip Up Unisex Hoodie

I know, we’ve been stressing the heat of the Florida sun, so throwing a sweatshirt in here seems counter-productive. However, the nights may get cool, and if it is windy, you’ll be glad you have a sweatshirt. This lightweight hoodie will fold up nicely into your bag, so when it is hot, you can stow it away in your bag. It has an interior media pocket to secure your phone, and is made out of a pre-laundered French terry. When the wind kicks up, you’ll be relieved you packed it. Available in 11 colors.

Amazon User Review: I LOVE THIS HOODIE! Soft and just the right size. Deep hood so you can hide in plain sight. The contrast between the zipper and the black body of the hoodie give it a casual appeal with a retro throwback vibe. The thumb holes are a great addition when wearing under a jacket but they don't get in the way if you don't want to use them. Secret iPod holder and discreet headphone cable pass-through is a nice touch and holds gear firmly in place. Haven't taken this thing off since I got will not either!”

Price: Starting at $32.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

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