No need to play the lottery because today your lucky number is 146. United Airlines is having an unadvertised fare sale to some lesser traveled destinations that don't always get the attention they deserve. There are some great deals and value to be had with this sale because many of these routes rarely go on sale. In some cases, competing airlines are charging almost double for the same city pairs! These fares are reversible and will price the same $146 round-trip in either direction.

The majority of these fares are valid through February of next year but some only have availability through December. Peak Summer travel is available on many routes although you will need to be flexible, blackout dates during holiday periods apply. Depart on any day of the week and there is no minimum stay required. Many routes do book into Basic Economy, which will limit you to just a small backpack or purse. If you aren't sure if your item fits those dimensions then have a look at our list of sleek bags that are guaranteed to fit those pesky size restrictions. 

Since this sale is unadvertised, it could disappear at any moment so now's the time to start booking! United allows free cancellation within 24-hours and the option to hold these fares for 3 or 7-days, so you can book right now without worries.

As you can see, all fares are $146 round-trip, fares may also be purchased as a one-way for $73.

Fares on sale include:

Miami to San Antonio $146 round-trip

Philadelphia to Knoxville $146 round-trip

Savannah to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Charlotte to Tucson $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Mobile $146 round-trip

Hartford to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Burlington, VT to Philadelphia $146 round-trip

Madison to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Fresno $146 round-trip

Newark to Charlotte $146 round-trip, nonstop

Bozeman to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Phoenix to Eugene $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Miami $146 round-trip

Wilmington, NC to Philadelphia $146 round-trip

Santa Barbara to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Redmond to Phoenix $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Montrose, CO $146 round-trip

Charlotte to Milwaukee $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Palm Springs $146 round-trip

Hayden, CO to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Tucson to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

Oklahoma City to Charlotte $146 round-trip

Philadelphia to Savannah $146 round-trip

Dallas-DFW to Louisville $146 round-trip

Moline to Dallas-DFW $146 round-trip

If your city isn't listed have a look at our flight deal pages to Philadelphia (PHL), Dallas (DFW), Phoenix (PHX), Miami (MIA), and Charlotte (CLT) to see a complete list of fares we have found today.

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