Take a break and live the island life! We're seeing some big price drops from all over the mainland to Hawaii this morning. Fares start at $319 round-trip.

All three major US carriers, Delta, United, and American, are taking part in this big Hawaii sale to all of the islands. See what's available to Honolulu, Maui, Kona (Big Island), and Kauai.

Travel is valid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from April 3 through May 24, and again from August 28 through October 31. Availability on American is mostly for fall travel only, while Delta and United have good availability for both spring and late summer/fall travel.

This sale is unadvertised so book quickly if you see something you like. Most third party booking sites will have a 24-hour free cancellation policy so you can think about it for a day.

Fares include:

Las Vegas to Maui $319 round-trip

Orange County to Honolulu $335 round-trip

Tucson to Maui $335 round-trip

Albuquerque to Honolulu $349 round-trip

Orlando to Honolulu $374 round-trip

Tucson to Kona $382 round-trip

El Paso to Maui $391 round-trip

Oklahoma City to Honolulu $394 round-trip

Austin to Maui $395 round-trip

Las Vegas to Honolulu $398 round-trip

Boston to Kauai $418 round-trip

Raleigh to Honolulu $425 round-trip

Fort Lauderdale to Maui $434 round-trip

Atlanta to Honolulu $440 round-trip

St. Louis to Honolulu $459 round-trip

Nashville to Maui $475 round-trip

San Antonio to Kauai $490 round-trip

Detroit to Honolulu $506 round-trip

Indianapolis to Kona $529 round-trip

Milwaukee to Honolulu $535 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Honolulu $563 round-trip

This is not a complete list. Check flights from your city to see if fares have dropped to Hawaii.

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