The nationwide sale to Europe that we noticed on Friday is back again today. Delta and SkyTeam partners Air France and KLM have low fares in the $500s round-trip from nearly everywhere in the states to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria. American has matched from a few cities and brought the price down to the $400s.

UPDATE: 5:30 pm ET, February 5: It looks like Delta/Skyteam has slashed prices another $50 on all of these routes. Many Delta fares are now in the mid-$400s round-trip. If you haven't booked yet, this is about as low as it gets from Anytown, USA. 

This is unadvertised and may not last very long. Book quickly if something catches your eye. Most third party booking sites have a 24-hour free cancellation policy so you'll have a day to figure out the details.

Travel is available on a wide range of dates, but generally through mid-May and from mid-August onward. We've even spotted a few dates that can get you to Munich for Oktoberfest! For the most part, a 28-day advance purchase and a 7-night minimum stay is required.

Most of these are main cabin fares, which means your first checked bag will be included as well. Click on the fare details for more booking information.

Fares include:

Boston to Zurich $420 round-trip

Los Angeles to Zurich $420 round-trip

San Francisco to Zurich $440 round-trip

Chicago to Munich $445 round-trip

Chicago to Vienna $457 round-trip

Boston to Munich $460 round-trip

San Francisco to Munich $463 round-trip

Washington D.C. to Vienna $489 round-trip

New York to Brussels $499 round-trip, nonstop

St. Louis to Brussels $513 round-trip

Denver to Brussels $513 round-trip

Los Angeles to Brussels $513 round-trip

New York to Berlin $516 round-trip, nonstop

New York to Zurich $533 round-trip, nonstop

Honolulu to Luxembourg $548 round-trip

Seattle to Geneva $558 round-trip

San Francisco to Berlin $559 round-trip

Minneapolis to Munich $560 round-trip

Seattle to Zurich $566 round-trip

Indianapolis to Munich $568 round-trip

Milwaukee to Munich $568 round-trip

San Diego to Munich $568 round-trip

Portland to Munich $568 round-trip

Kansas City to Geneva $573 round-trip

Nashville to Geneva $573 round-trip

Houston to Vienna $585 round-trip

Newark to Vienna $587 round-trip

Austin to Vienna $599 round-trip

As this is pretty much nationwide, check flights from your city, within the travel dates listed above, to see what's available from your neck of the woods. Unfortunately, most Delta and American hub cities are excluded.

Generally, prices are in the mid-$500s round-trip from nearly everywhere in the USA to Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Geneva, LuxembourgZurich, and Vienna. Even if your favorite airport (small or large) isn't listed, there may be a big price drop. Other cities in these countries are likely lower than normal as well.

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