Save up to 20% on travel to Europe with the current sale from WOW air.

Enter promo code WOWSUMMER when booking on to apply the discount to the base fare of a round-trip purchase. The promo code will discount travel between May 1 - September 30, 2018, though lowest fares are generally only found in the spring and/or fall.

It seems as if WOW raised their base fares on most routes before this promo code was released so we've seen better promo code fares from them in the past. Nevertheless, you may be able to find some discounted flights for summer travel that usually does not get discounted. Keep in mind, the lowest fares will usually be found in either May or September and may be on very limited dates.

All bookings must be made by 6:59 p.m. ET, February 5, 2018, or before withdrawal.

Fares include:

Cleveland to Reykjavik $183 round-trip, nonstop

Pittsburgh to Reykjavik $183 round-trip, nonstop

Montreal to Reykjavik $191 USD round-trip, nonstop

Boston to Reykjavik $195 round-trip, nonstop

Cincinnati to Reykjavik $195 round-trip, nonstop

Newark to Reykjavik $195 round-trip, nonstop

St. Louis to Reykjavik $227 round-trip, nonstop

San Francisco to Reykjavik $232 round-trip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Reykjavik $243 round-trip, nonstop

Cleveland to Paris $272 round-trip

Boston to Berlin $304 round-trip

Cleveland to London (Stansted) $319 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Brussels $345 round-trip

New York to London (Stansted) $346 round-trip

St. Louis to Paris $363 round-trip

San Francisco to London (Gatwick) $369 round-trip

Los Angeles to Dublin $373 round-trip

Baltimore to Amsterdam $392 round-trip

San Francisco to Frankfurt $435 round-trip

Toronto to Berlin $450 USD round-trip

Dallas to Frankfurt $509 round-trip

Newark to Tel Aviv $550 round-trip

There are many more routes available as well. You'll need to decline all extras to get the lowest price. WOW basic fares only include one small personal item (small backpack, purse, etc.). Carry-on bag fees start around $40-$50 each way. Checked bag fees start around $50-$70 each way.

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