The latest promo code offer from Spirit allows you to take 75% off the base fare by entering promo code 75PCT when booking on

The discount will only apply to the base fare and not to Spirit's booking fees (which were raised again this week) nor taxes so don't expect to see that large of a price drop on certain routes. Even so, there are many routes that will be discounted heavily.

Travel is valid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between February 6 - May 22, 2018. Avoid blackout dates of February 14, 20, March 21, 27, 28, April 3 & 4.

Tickets must be booked by 11:59 p.m. ET, tonight, January 30, 2018.

Fares include:

Baltimore to Orlando $52 round-trip, nonstop

Newark to Orlando $53 round-trip, nonstop

Denver to Las Vegas $54 round-trip, nonstop

Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale $60 round-trip, nonstop

Denver to Fort Lauderdale $110 round-trip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Seattle $115 round-trip, nonstop

Atlanta to Los Angeles $116 round-trip, nonstop

Seattle to Orlando $127 round-trip

Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale $129 round-trip, nonstop

Detroit to Los Angeles $145 round-trip, nonstop

Newark to Phoenix $158 round-trip

New York to San Diego $160 round-trip

Oakland to Philadelphia $132 round-trip

Dallas to Guayaquil, Ecuador $276 round-trip

Chicago to Montego Bay $282 round-trip

There are many more routes available as well. Lowest fares may not be available for the entire travel period. You'll have to decline any extras to get their lowest price.

Spirit lists a number of excluded markets in this sale, but we have found this week's list to be pretty inaccurate. For instance, Cancun and Lima are listed as excluded, while we're still seeing the promo code discount these routes at time of posting. There are also certain markets not listed that are not allowing for a discount at this time. This could be corrected at any time.

Need to bring more than just a personal item? Checked baggage starts at $30 each way on Spirit so most fliers will likely have to pay at least $60 more round-trip for baggage. This can still end up being a significant savings compared to the competition on certain routes. We ask that you just read up on Spirit and know all about their fees before flying so you don't get surprised at the airport.

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