Save on spring travel with the latest sale from Delta Air Lines, with nonstop flights starting at $149 round-trip.

Travel is valid on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Saturdays, from April 10 through May 16. Fares on most routes will require a Saturday night stay and have a maximum stay of 30 days. However, there are a few routes where these restrictions do not apply. This sale is showing some much lower than usual prices for smaller markets where there is little competition with Delta.

Tickets must be booked by February 15.

Fares include:

Cincinnati to Raleigh $149 round-trip, nonstop

Atlanta to Nashville $190 round-trip, nonstop

Atlanta to Savanah $190 round-trip, nonstop

Detroit to Pittsburgh $190 round-trip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole, WY $190 round-trip, nonstop

Detroit to Indianapolis $197 round-trip, nonstop

Atlanta to Panama City Beach, FL $204 round-trip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Omaha $214 round-trip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Aspen, CO $218 round-trip, nonstop

Detroit to Madison $225 round-trip, nonstop

Memphis to Atlanta $228 round-trip, nonstop

Charlotte to Detroit $273 round-trip, nonstop

Louisville, KY to New York $288 round-trip, nonstop

Charlotte to Minneapolis $308 round-trip, nonstop

Nashville to Salt Lake City $337 round-trip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Charlotte $350 round-trip, nonstop

All of these fares work in reverse direction as well. This is an extensive sale with many other options available nationwide. If you haven't noticed a good sale price on your route lately, have a look at these dates on our homepage to see if the price has dropped. Most fares will be in basic economy, which still includes a normal sized carry-on bag plus one personal item, but doesn't allow you to choose your favorite seat along with other restrictions. Consider the upgrade to the main cabin fare if you'd like to choose your specific seat.

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