Get a jump on holiday airfare sales with the current Purple Friday sale from WOW air.

Departures are valid from Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, with one-way fares starting at $99.99.

Travel is valid from December 1 through December 10, and again from January 10 through May 15. Departures from Miami are valid for travel from December 1 through December 11, and again from January 12 through March 19.

Fares include:

Chicago to Dublin $290 round-trip

Cleveland to Paris $290 round-trip

Boston to London $290 round-trip

Miami to London $290 round-trip

Pittsburgh to London $290 round-trip

Chicago to London $290 round-trip

Los Angeles to London $330 round-trip

San Francisco to London $330 round-trip

Boston to Amsterdam $250 round-trip

Boston to Dublin $250 round-trip

Boston to Reykjavik $200 round-trip

Baltimore to Reykjavik $200 round-trip

Cleveland to Amsterdam $290 round-trip

Cleveland to Dublin $349 round-trip

Cleveland to Frankfurt $290 round-trip

Cleveland to London $290 round-trip

Cleveland to Berlin $290 round-trip

Miami to Amsterdam $290 round-trip

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