Get a jump on winter/spring travel with the current two-day sale from Qatar Airways.

Rules and restrictions may vary slightly by route, rangingfrom January 11 through May 31.

A minimum stay of 7 days is required, with an allowed maximum stay of 4 months.

Tickets must be booked by November 17.

Fares include:

New York to Chiang Mai $724 round-trip

New York to Denpasar $777 round-trip

Chicago to Phuket $720 round-trip

Philadelphia to Phuket $720 round-trip

Miami to Bangkok $770 round-trip

Miami to Chiang Mai $754 round-trip

Miami to Denpasar $1,173 round-trip

Atlanta to Bangkok $918 round-trip

Atlanta to Chiang Mai $1,072 round-trip

Atlanta to Denpasar $1,138 round-trip

Atlanta to Mahe, Seychelles $1,320 round-trip

Boston to Bangkok $883 round-trip

Boston to Chiang Mai $843 round-trip

Boston to Singapore $862 round-trip

Washington DC to Bangkok $720 round-trip

Washington DC to Capetown $1,141 round-trip

Washington DC to Phuket $720 round-trip

Washington DC to Kuala Lumpur $784 round-trip

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