When airlines merge their operations, the frequent flyer program does not usually make the top 10 list of priorities. Airline equipment, ticketing, marketing, staffing, and a host of other major operational issues take precedence before airline executives start to focus on award travel or upgrades.

Yet Delta, who finished its purchase of Northwest last October, is out to create - in their own words - the "best-in-class loyalty program" for frequent flyers. Their first step? Keeping their loyal passengers informed with a simple and up-to-date merger website.  The website lists ten FAQs and helps alleviate any concerns travelers might have as WorldPerks transitions into SkyMiles. Delta has also created a timeline for integrating the two loyalty programs. Check it out and see how the merger is progressing.

For those travelers who belong to both SkyMiles and WorksPerks, Delta will allow you to link the two accounts and start reaping the initial benefits of a combined frequent flyer program. Passengers can combine miles for upgrades, book award travel, and transfer miles between both accounts for free. YES, FREE! And - if you link your two accounts before May 31st, you'll earn 500 bonus miles.

Are you a WorldPerks member but don't have a SkyMiles account? Not a problem. This December, Delta will start transitioning current WorldPerks members into its SkyMiles program. If you do not want to wait until December, flyers can create a new SkyMiles account and then link their WorldPerks and SkyMiles accounts to each other.

This January, passengers will see if Delta can make the new and improved SkyMiles Medallion program one of the best in the business. Airfare Watchblog will be there to help you sort out the new perks and exclusive offers.

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