If you're a big guy or gal, or simply want more room when you fly, we've noticed that on some routes and dates, Spirit Airlines' fares for their "business class" two-by-two seats at the front of their Airbuses cost only a few bucks more than the cramped seats in the back. As you can see from the seat map provided by our friends at SeatGuru.com, there are 8 wider seats at the front of the plane on Spirit's aircraft, and although you don't get free meals or drinks or anything else but more room, they're often an amazingly good value.

On a flight from Boston to Myrtle Beach in November, for example, the Big Front seats were going for just $15 more each way. And if you apply a promo code such as 50OFF you'd have saved $50 round-trip on this fare, giving you a comfy seat for even less.

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