Going overseas for your next vacation? Well you just might want to check those baggage fees before you head out the door. Ever since airlines started charging for bags they did not implement them for international flights and applied them instead just on domestic flights. However this is no longer true. Is this the end of free baggage allowances? Not necessarily as airlines are adding them only to certain international routes or some just charging only for the second bag. It could be a mix of both of those too. Confusing right? For the most part, airlines are currently starting small and primarily only charging for European bound flights. However, with the current volatile state of the airline industry and their need for more cash it would not be surprising if it expanded to all routes.

Keep in mind that you might incur a $5 surcharge if you pay at the airport. So remember to pay online the night before your flight if you want to save a few bucks.Also to note, if you are traveling on a domestic flight with a connection to an international flight you will only pay the fee it costs to check in your bag to your final destination. Example: Flying from Seattle to London with a connection in Minneapolis, you will only pay one fee- the amount it costs to check in your bag to London.This is assuming that you made the booking all in one reservation and not on separate tickets. When traveling on multiple airlines you will typically pay only the fee charged by the first airline you will be flying on.

Below is a general list of baggage fees. For more information we have conveniently linked the pages of the baggage guidelines for all major US carriers that fly internationally.

Airline Asia Europe Middle East India Mex/Car/Can S. Amer Australia
United Free 1 Free 2nd $50 Free 1 Free 2nd $50 1 Free 2nd $50 Free Free
American Free 1 Free 2nd $50 Free 1 Free 2nd $50 Can. only- 1st $15 2nd $25 Free N/A
Continental Free 1 Free 2nd $50 Free Free Can. only- 1st Free 2nd $25 Free Free
US Air Free 1 Free 2nd $50 N/A N/A 1st $20 2nd $30 N/A N/A
Delta Free 1 Free 2nd $50 Free Free Free Free Free

*All the fees are based upon prepaying online if applicable.

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