Southwest passengers eager to snag first dibs on seats and overhead bins can now fork over $10 each-way for the privilege. As of today, Southwest is offering EarlyBird Check-in, allowing passengers to choose seats and store bags before general boarding, but after Business Select and Rapid Rewards A-List passengers.

EarlyBird Check-in is available for purchase up until 25 hours before scheduled departure time, and passengers will be boarded into three A, B, and C groups.

So is it worth it? If you're at all particular about where you sit, then we suppose so. And judging by the cattle-call scenes at most gates come boarding time, we imagine this is something folks would purchase, in the same way that people seem to buy Mountain Dew flavored Doritos, Rhoombas, and other stuff you could surely stand to do without. Maybe we're being overly no-frills and curmudgeon-ish, but we say, big whoop. Save your $10 for Cinnabon. You'll still get on the plane, and so will your carry-on (wherever it is you have to stash it).

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