Already one pundit has pooh poohed this new program, calling it a "shame" they didn't improve it even more, but what's unclear, since we can't find an award chart, is how many points we'll need for what kind of flights. It's all pretty loosey goosey at this point.

In this new program, you'll earn 3 points for every dollar spent.

The highlights:

No blackout dates for Award Flights--get any seat, any time. As long as there is an available seat and you have the points, that seat is all yours.

Points don't expire. Just fly JetBlue or use your JetBlue Card from American Express® at least once a year.

Oneway Award Flights will be available starting at just 5,000 points. The number of points you need to book a flight varies, depending on the flight you choose.

We find this part interesting and we're not sure what it means: Some flights may require more than 5,000 points depending on such factors as your choice of destination, the day of the week and the time of year you are traveling, and how far in advance you are booking your flight.

Digging into the rules further we found this:  "The Points required to earn an Award Flight on JetBlue will be available on a seat-and-flight-specific basis (through the flight booking process at The number of Points required to earn Award Travel may change at any time until the booking is confirmed and Points are applied as payment for the Award Flight. Any change to your booking may result in a change in the number of Points required and may also have associated fees. If you do not board your Award Flight and fail to cancel prior to departure, all Points used in connection with the Award Flight will be forfeited."

Earn up to six (6) points for every eligible dollar you spend when you purchase a flight at

Bonus points: In addition to the online booking bonus and the JetBlue Card from American Express® bonus, you can earn even more with two other types of bonuses:

Go Big Bonus:

Reach* Receive a bonus of
3,000 points 500 points
6,000 points 1,000 points
9,000 points 2,000 points
12,000 points 4,000 points
For every 3,000 points above 12,000 points 4,000 points

Go Long Bonus: Members who take ten one-way flights, each 2,000 miles or more, in a 12 month period will get 10,000 bonus points -- enough for a roundtrip award flight.

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