JetBlue is featuring a sale on its Web site with fares as low as $49 each way, and stating that these are "featured web fares" which to us implies that they're

Well here's what you need to know about this sale.

First of all, we found many routes impossible to book at the listed fares. We tried New York JFK to Richmond and Portland, ME, both listed at $49 each way and could only find fares at $59 and $69 each way, even looking way into the off peak month of October.

Other routes, such as Rochester, NY to Orlando for $62 each way, we were able to find (very few) seats at that price for October travel, but we were also able to find them at the same price on Travelocity, and frankly, it was easier to find them using Travelocity's flexible date search rather than on

So we are not jumping up and down about these listed prices.

In the past, JetBlue has had some really great Web only fare sales, so do sign up for their email alerts. Even the prices listed on their site today, were they available, are hardly the best we've seen.

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