If you were an airline and you could earn an extra $375 per flight by at long last agreeing to accept pets in the cabin, wouldn't you? Why of course. So Southwest Airlines is finally agreeing to allow pets in the cabin at a charge of $75 for each four pawed critter. Of course, it's not just the extra revenue. Pet owners who are loyal to Southwest have been asking for this for years. The new policy takes effect on June 17.

Up to five pets will be allowed on each flight, although that number is subject to change. If you do bring a pet on board, the carrier and creature will count as your carry on. Pets must remain in their containers for the duration of the flight ("This policy will be strictly enforced," warns Soutthwest.)

Fees are non refundable and cannot be applied towards future travel, and pet space must be reserved in advance. Full details here.

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