This has happened to about everyone at one point or another while flying.

You buy a drink or a small snack and the flight attendants do not have enough change. While you wait for the flight attendants to finish the meal service, you hope and pray they haven't forgotten about you! It's only natural that you want your change back and prefer not to pay $20 for one drink.

Starting Friday, June 1st, American Airlines is going cashless on all flights within the U.S. and those between the U.S. and Canada. Cashless cabins will only be on American flights  and this new policy does not include American Eagle or AmericanConnection flights.

Flight attendants will carry handheld devices that will accept payment by major credit or debit cards. No cash allowed. So if you want to buy a small snack, a meal, an alcoholic beverage or even headsets, you'll have to pay for it by credit card.

Remember your new pre-flight ritual: buckle seatbelt, check the location of your nearest emergency exit, and make sure your credit card is handy.

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