Just like other travel websites, United Airlines allows their customers to do a flexible dates search. If you have some flexibility with your travel dates, United will provide you with airfares two days before and after your departure and return travel dates.

Here's our step-by-step guide. Search away and see if you can get the best deal on United.


1. Go to the United's Flexible Dates Search website. You may also go to United's homepage and click on the Dates Flexible? link located in the middle of the Book Travel search box.

2. Enter in the three letter airport codes for your departure and return cities. (If you type in the names of the two cities, United will ask you to select an airport code before the search begins.) To include nearby airports in your search, mark the box Search Alternate Airports for one or both airports.

3. Next, select the month, day and time for both your departure and return.

4. The Search by Flexible Dates button should be already marked. If not, click on its bulls-eye.

5. Complete the Passenger information and select any additional search options you require for your trip.

6. Click on the blue Search button to retrieve your search results.

7. Search Results:  United will provide a matrix grid of possible airfares based upon 2 days before and after your initial travel dates. In this grid, you will see one box highlighted in yellow. The flights corresponding to the yellow highlighted box are listed below the box so you might have to scroll to see all the flights.

To see flights with another departure and/or return date, find your new dates within the matrix and click on the appropriate box. United will update the website and you can scroll down to find your preferred flight. If you would like to choose travel dates not shown on the grid, go to the search box on the left side of the screen and enter in your new dates. Begin your revised search and review your new results.

8. Once you have found your flight, click on the Select button to begin the ticketing process.

9. United will list the itinerary for your review. Scroll down the page. Passengers may log-in if they are part of the Mileage Plus program and skip a few steps of entering in passenger information. Otherwise, non Mileage Plus members will continue entering in the passenger information and providing their payment information to book the airline ticket. Purchase and confirm the ticket.

Have a great trip!

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