30% promo code to/from Oakland on Alaska Air

This promo deal is only valid for today, but beware that even with the promo, other airlines might have a better fare, so shop around. Also, in some cases we found the promo discount was only applicable to higher fares on various routes. Even so, in some cases, you'll save a lot of money with this deal. We also found that you don't really save a full 30% from what you'd find, say, on Travelocity. We found, for example, Wenatchee WA to Oakland for $243 RT with tax on Travelocity and the exact same flights and dates on Alaskaairlines.com, with the supposed discount, at $222.80 RT. So either Travelocity has lower base fares than Alaska does on its own site, which would be a first, or something's wrong with Alaska's calcuator.

Here's what we found on Alaskaairlines.com:

And here are the same flights on Travelocity (the base fare before taxes on Alaska is higher than the with-taxes fare on Travelocity). Alaska? Travelocity? Care to enlighten us? We did email Alaska's PR department, but they didn't get back to us.