Low cost carrier Spirit Airlines has announced that effective April 1, there will be a new fee to use emergency oxygen masks in the event of a cabin depressurization. A company spokesman explained that, "Depressurization events are extremely rare, and we don't believe that there will be much backlash. We must make money where we can in this challenging economic environment."

Spirit will charge 25 cents per minute for use of the oxygen masks. Members of their $9 Fare Club will be charged 10 cents per minute. Passengers are urged to bring quarters and dimes with them when flying on Spirit. Seat armrests have been modified with slots to accept coins. Those passengers without the proper coinage may request change from flight attendants, who will dispense three quarters for each dollar bill tendered.

In other news, the Miramar, FL-based airline will begin today selling standing room air fares, requiring passengers to stand for the entire flight in a specially-designed, FAA-approved area at the back of the plane. These "seats" will be sold at discounts of up to 80% off standard fares. Passengers will be strapped in with special harnesses for take off, landing, and during turbulence. A Spirit spokesperson said that passengers have been complaining about the comfort level of the airline's closely packed-in seats, and that this new class of service should solve the problem.

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