Just last week, Expedia announced plans to temporarily scrap booking fees.  Remember that? Sure you do!  And now comes word from Travelocity that they too will be waiving their usual booking fee for reservations made through May 31.

They're also talking up their new PriceGuardian deal, whereby they'll gladly refund the difference should someone else book your exact itinerary for less than what you paid. Again, sound familiar? Other sites have made similar offers in the past, and with the same catch. Your itinerary must be exactly matched to your fellow passenger who scored the lower fare. And they mean exactly. You must be booked in the same class of service on the same flight, same departure, same return, same type of room at the very same hotel. And, unless your life is one big Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks rom com, that probably doesn't happen so often. 

***UPDATE: And now Priceline has trotted out Pricedrop Protection, which is their own little mutation of this money back guarauntee. You can earn up to $300 cash back for flights, and $600 for vacation packages, if (and again, huge honking 'if' here) someone books your exact itinerary.
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