United Airlines and FedEx have joined forces to bring its passengers door to door baggage handling. That's right...why bother bringing the luggage to the airport anymore, FedEx will come and get it from your apartment, house or office and ship it with "next day service" to your destination. This lovely service is available in the 48 contigous United States, and "starts" at a whopping $149 per bag! Yes that is not a typo...$149 PER BAG!!?? Wow.

Now while companies like Luggage Forward and Baggage Quest have been doing this for years, United becomes the first airline to offer this "door to door" baggage pick up and delivery directly through their company.

But if you can afford to spend as much money on shipping a single bag as it costs to fly one way to some parts of this country, then head on over to United.com. When there you can get all the details and full information about their new service. Plus when you visit the site they will even give you a 4 step slide show that explains how to use the service.

Sounds nice...but at $149, I think I will continue bringing the bags with me to the airport.

Of course, your best deal is simply to take your bag to your local Post Office, or to FedEx and ship it by ground. See our comparison chart to get an idea of the savings. By the way, if you send your bag by Priority Mail from the PO you don't need to box it up. Just wrap it up good with copious amounts of free Priority Mail tape and ship as is.

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