It's been a zany day for fare finding here at Airfarewatchdog headquarters. The culprit? Wishy-washy fares on Travelocity. What appeared to be some pretty terrific fares from Northwest this morning made quite a leap in price whenever we attempted to actually book anything. And this afternoon, we're seeing the same thing from American Airlines. For example, Los Angeles to Wichita has a base fare of $224 round-trip, but try and book it and you'll see it jump to $294 after taxes and fees. We even saw a $344 base fare jump to $485. Obviously, taxes and Travelocity fees don't quite explain all of that mystery number. Is there a new secret fee they aren't telling folks about? Whatever is afoot, be wary of whatever amazingly low fares should appear in your search results on Travelocity today. Save the oohs and ahhhs until you see that final number at booking time.

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