We're generally a little leery of tickets (plane tix, train tix, Hannah Montana tix, you name it...) sold on Ebay, but that was before we'd checked out the new JetBlue store. Yes, weird. JetBlue is auctioning off round-trip one passenger and two passenger flights as well as vacation packages (Nassau, Vegas, and four mystery locations). The tickets up for grabs are all for specific dates, so check your calendar and make sure your trip won't conflict with ballroom dance class or whatever it is that keeps you so busy (and so young looking!). Another thing to keep in mind, the bidding price does not include taxes, although the taxes and fees are very clearly listed below the flight info.

As much as we like the idea of using Ebay to bid on tickets (legitimate ones!) for two to Cancun, or a 5 day trip for two to a mystery grab bag hot spot, we imagine that by the end of the auction (which goes on for several days) these tickets will end up selling for way over what they might have normally sold for on JetBlue.com or elsewhere.

Of course, you could just bid on this instead. And let us borrow it sometimes. We'll even Armor All it when we're done? C'mon!

***Update! Though the JetBlue store still exists, all of the trips up for auction have suddenly vanished. Hmm...not sure what that's all about, as most of their auctions weren't set to end for almost a week. So is this just a minor technical snafu? And what about all those bids? We'll keep you posted.***

***Update #2! And they're back! Point the finger of blame at Ebay's technical difficulties.***

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