Alaska Airlines joins the small club of airline web sites with a 30-day flexible date search (see how it works). American has a 31-day search (domestic roundtrips only) and Southwest has their "ShortCut" which allows you to search any 30 day period outbound and any other 30 day period on the return. But most airline sites just do a 1 to 3 day flexible date search, if they offer it at all.

Alaska's new product allows you to:

  • View an entire month of fares for your chosen destination(s) and see the lowest fare available for each day of the month
  • View lowest fares for both outbound and return flights
  • Filter your search to only display First Class fares
  • View your total fare in an easy-to-use Trip Summary table

However, for fares to Mexico, the search range is only 3 days.

There are still lots of low fares out there, but increasingly you have to be extra flexble in your travel dates to nab them. So kudos to Alaska for making it easier to do so.

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