Carousel theft: Another good reason for not checking baggage and sending it FedEx or UPS ground instead

As Ben Mutzabaugh reports in his USAToday "Today in the Sky" blog, "You may want to hurry to the baggage carousel the next time you fly to Atlanta. That's because 'baggage theft has been a problem at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in recent years,'  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (free registration) reports. The paper says eight people have been arrested between mid-May and the end of June for stealing fliers' luggage from the baggage-claim area.

You may remember that in the good old days, airlines had security people comparing luggage tags with baggage checks. Where'd they all go? Well, someone has to pay those security people, right? And maybe the airlines don't feel like doing that anymore.

So ship your luggage instead, or be the first out the door when your plane lands and sprint to the baggage claim area.

You might want to think about travel insurance (but maybe not sold by your airline).

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