Every week, we hear a new sad tale about how someone thought they were covered by trip insurance, but later found out that a hidden loophole allowed the insurer to refuse coverage.

How about the woman who bought the bike tour through Holland but when the biking tour company cancelled because there weren't enough participants, her request to cover her non-refundable airfare to Europe was denied (reason: failure of a tour company to operate a tour is not covered). Oh, and she had to still pay her insurance premium.

How about the woman whose mother was diagnosed with cancer just before a trip? She claims that because her mother wasn't a US citizen and lived outside the US, the insurer denied coverage when she was forced to cancel her trip (her mother wasn't traveling).

Or did you know that some policies deny coverage for all amateur sporting events and training? So when a mother learned that her teenage son was seriously injured during football practice and decided to cancel her trip, her insurer refused to cover her (again, the son wasn't the one traveling).

Why was YOUR travel insurance claim denied? Tell us by leaving a comment. We'll compile a list of the 25 most surprising reasons for coverage denial so that other travelers will be forewarned.

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