The airfarewatchdogs among us have recently been playing Sherlock Holmes, as we uncover the mystery of some Southwest Airlines fares.  We've often referred to the Southwest website as being easy to use, very straightforward and user- friendly.  However, we've been listing some fares of late that take some treasure hunt skills on any Southwest user's part.  We thought we'd share this tidbit of info.  What you see, plain as day, is not always the truth!  In this case that many Sherlocks will be solving, Southwest is providing a nice surprise sometimes - fares that are LESS than what meet the eye!

We've noticed this largely in the Denver market but it has popped up elsewhere as well, so just be on alert!  It's a sneaky deal.  If you access the Southwest booking calendar on their site, using their "shortcut,"  and  you click on a set of dates for departure and/or return, you may very well find that the fare that originally seemed like one thing is really a different thing - A LESSER THING!!!  Smile everyone!  For example, check our listing for Denver to Indianapolis.  It would appear very clearly that $89.00 each way is the base fare in September/October.  So, we click on the booking calendar and --eureka! - a fare of $69.00 each way is revealed!  So, you just saved $40.00 on a round- trip!

Calling all Sherlocks!  Tell Watson to bring the magnifying glasses when you're fare solving on Southwest these days. 

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