Another in our continuing series putting every possible airline extra fee we can find all in one place. Here's the latest on US Airways.

Baggage (each piece, each way)

First bag: free for now but don't hold your breath.

Second bag: $25


  • All Dividend Miles Preferred members (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Chairman’s Preferred)
  • Passengers traveling to and from Europe, or to and from Asia
  • Confirmed First Class and Envoy passengers at time of check-in
  • Star Alliance Silver and Gold status members
  • Active military personnel with ID and government issued travel orders
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers checking personal assistive devices Excess bags:
  • Travel within the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico

Bags 3-9: $100 each.

Overweight bags: Checked baggage weighing over 50 lbs/23 kgs but not more than 70 lbs/32 kgs will be charged at the rate of $50 per piece.

Checked baggage weighing over 70lbs/32 kgs but not more than 100 lbs/45 kgs will be charged at the rate of $100 per piece.

Oversized bags: 62–80 inches—total of length plus width plus height  $100 each

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Curbside check-in: $2 per bag plus tip,

Booking tickets

Booking online: $7 for domestic tickets (yep, you got that right; they charge the same as; a very sneaky fee)
Booking by phone: $15       
Booking in person: $20


Lap children: 10% of the adult fare on international fares
Unaccompanied minors: $100 each way

Frequent flyer tickets

(US Airways charges less than many airlines)

Travel ticketed 14 days or less: $50 if done online, $75 using reservations (waived for upper tier frequent flyers)
Same day change of flight: $25
Tickets issued in person or by phone: $25
Redepositing miles: $ $50-400
(depending on the number of miles)

Changing frequent flyer tickets: $100 

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In cabin (domestic flight): $100 each way
As cargo: not accepted except on shuttle flights (NYC, WAS, BOS)


Advance selection of aisle and window seats at front of plane: $5-$30 each way, although some passengers will be assigned these seats without paying by “luck of the drawer”

Ticket changes (non-refundable tickets, domestic fares)

Changing travel dates after purchase: $150 for US, Mexico, Canada, and Caribbean  ($250 for other international fares)
Fare drop refund (fee charged for re-issuing ticket if a fare goes down between the time you buy and the time you fly): $150-$250

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Same day confirmed standby on an earlier flight: $ $25 for flights within the 48 contiguous United States and $50 for flights to Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and Alaska. Flights to Hawaii and Europe excluded, and you may only take an earlier, not a later flight. Unconfirmed same day standby is free.

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