No surprise here, American has joined the other "legacy" carriers in adding this fee. As with the other airlines, this applies only to domestic flights, and certain frequent flyers, plus first and business class passengers, are exempt. But the real danger to your wallet remains the charges for oversized or overweight bags, which incur charges of $100 each way. So if you have a bag that weighs over 50 pounds and is larger than 62 inches in total linear dimensions (height plus width plus length, which is typical of 32 inch suitcases, such as this snazzy model from Rimowa) then you will pay, get this, $400 roundtrip, or, if it's a second bag, $450 RT. Probably more than your airfare. This is probably why we've noticed that 32 inch suitcases are the same price as smaller models: they're just not selling.

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