What next? US Air charging extra for some window and aisle seats

In an obvious effort to offset higher fuel costs, US Airways will begin charging between $5 and $30 per flight segment, each way, for prime aisle and window seats near the front of the plane. The new fees are optional, and go into effect on May 7, two days after five major airlines, incuding US Air, begin charging $25 for a second checked piece of luggage.

Here's the fee structure:

$30 to Europe.

$25 to Hawaii.

$20 to Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda from Philadelphia, and $15 from other cities.

$15 on domestic flights of 1,101 miles or more.

$10 on flights of 501 to 1,100 miles.

$5 on flights of 500 miles or less.

So on a domestic flight with a connection, you'd pay up to $60 additional.

Seats can be booked during Web Check-in 24 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to departure. Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted. Read more.