JetBlue is offering up to $75 off any fare, and up to 100 TrueBlue frequent flyer points (good for a free round-trip anywhere they fly). This is a truly worthwhile offer. Go to the "Try Jet Blue" page on JetBlue's site and register for the offer. Use any American Express Card to buy a round-trip on JetBlue for travel May 1 to June 18. You'll receive 50 "TrueBlue" frequent flyer points, half what's needed for a round-trip flight on JetBlue.

But wait, there's more. You'll also get $25 off that fare. But wait, there's even more: sign up for the JetBlue Amex Card and you'll get an additional 50 points (and thus a free flight) PLUS an additional $50 off in the form of a statement credit on your new Amex card.

Clearly, this is a recession-buster deal, and can only mean that airline traffic is headed for a slump. But what the heck, you can be sure that we'll be registering and flying somewhere, even if it's just to Buffalo.

A word about the JetBlue frequent flyer program

Unlike other airlines, where they charge more points or miles for certain destinations compared to others, JetBlue is unique in that it costs the same 100 points to fly from New York JFK to Buffalo as it does from, say, San Francisco to St. Maarten. So it probably all evens out for the airline, but if you're flying an "expensive" route then you really make out like a bandit.

Earning points is another matter: you get 2 points for a short flight, 4 for a medium one, and 6 for a long one; but you get double points when you book on JetBlue's web site. Points don't expire if you obtain and use the JetBlue Amex Card, another reason for signing up. See full details.

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