Skybus checked bag fee now more than their fares

Skybus, the little upstart airline famous for its $10 fares, just raised the fee it charges for checked luggage. It used to be $5 for the first and second bag, but now it's $12 each way. So you could pay more for your bag than your seat. (If you check your bag in online, you'll save $2).

That's for the first two bags 50 pounds or less in weight, so long as they're not oversized. Each additional bag will cost $50.

But Skybus charges a lot less for oversized and overweight bags than other airlines do: just $25 for each oversized bag, and an additional $25 if that bag is also overweight.  Still, two oversized and overweight bags will set you back $148 on a round-trip journey. See full details.