Honestly, if our business model here at airfarewatchdog.com were based on processing automated, published airfares, I think we'd be slitting our wrists right about now. Every time we turn on our computers here at world headquarters in our apartment high above 8th Avenue, we find yet another airline offering serious discounts to visitors to their own web sites. Discounts that they are not sharing with Travelocity, Orbitz and what have you.

Seems like Air Canada is getting seriously into this racket. Today, for example, they have a fare from Seattle to Toronto for $374 RT (CDN) all inclusive via aircanada.com. That very same route on the days we checked (depart Jan 8, return Jan 15) is an incredible $558 RT CDN on Travelocity.ca. Whoa! That is a serious discount. See today's webSavers, which must be purchased by Nov 27 (that's today!) for travel through Feb 13, 2008.

Which would you rather pay?

The Air Canada.com price:

OR the Travelocity.ca price:

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