Do we need an in-flight dress code?

Unless you just jetted in from Pluto, you've probably heard about the woman who got kicked off of a Southwest flight because airline personnel thought she was scantily clad, and the guy who was also recently hassled by Southwest because an employee didn't like the double entendre on his t-shirt. (Not that this is the first time Southwest has reacted that way, and perhaps once with good reason).

Has the flying public gone too far, or did Southwest? Some call our craze for flipflops and track suits when traveling (and doing just about anything) the slobbing of America.  Would airline personnel treat us passengers better if we didn't show up for our flights dressed like the Beverly Hillbillies, even when traveling in first class (actually, Jed, Jethro, Elly May, and Granny dressed better than some of the folks I've seen in airline VIP lounges lately)? Should we turn back the clock to the days when everyone dressed up when they flew?

Sure, it's good to dress comfortably when you fly, but has it gone too far? Post a comment and let me know what you think.