Boy, Southwest is really shaking things up lately. Seems like only yesterday they were playing fashion police and humiliating female passengers. Then came talk of scrapping their ever popular approach to open-seating, along with priority boarding for families with children. And while that last one seems to have stuck (at least for now), Southwest has since backtracked on the seating issue and presented a compromise of sorts.

Starting this November, passengers will be assigned to boarding groups A through C, as well as a number based on the order of check-in. Once in a row and ready to board, groups (in sub-sets of five) can then make their orderly dash to their seats. If that sounds like a lot of 'insert-slot-a-into-b'  hokey-pokey stuff to you too, the folks at Southwest have typed up a handy tutorial, which they're calling
Boarding School, to prepare you for the change.

Not keen on change? Hey, look on the bright side. With a number to hold your place in line, you’ll be free to make one last trip for snacks and magazines.

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