We've seen planes of all shapes and sizes, but some have been exceptionally beautiful. Here's a list of our five favorite commercial airliners.

The Concorde started carrying passengers in early 1976 on British Airways and Air France flights. After nearly 30 years of operation, the Concorde made its last flight on October 24, 2003.


The Constellation became part of Trans West Airlines’ fleet in 1945. Soon after, it rose in popularity and even served as the presidential aircraft for President Eisenhower.

Boeing 707
Initially produced for PanAm Airlines, the Boeing 707 entered service in 1958. Although they used to carry passengers, most have been converted to transport airplanes.


We love the swept-back wings.


The VC-10 was first delivered to the British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1964. Three years later, it entered service with the British Royal Air Force.

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