Winglets, that’s what. And as it turns out, winglets don't have a thing to do with bbq or buffalo wings, so you can untuck that napkin from around your neck. No sir, we’re talking about Delta's decision to add blended winglets to over 60 of their aircraft. These fin-like additions to the wing will improve lift, maneuverability, and conserve fuel. That should not only bring down fares and help you save money, but it's better for the environment, so you'll be saving two greens in one. Winglets also allow flights to carry more weight, which means more cargo and more passengers.

And speaking of green, Delta launched their carbon-offset program this month. As you're surely aware, planes tend to spew quite a bit of carbon dioxide into the air, and one way to counter-balance this is by planting trees, which absorb the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Passengers who book their travel at now have the option of adding a contribution of $5.50 for domestic round-trips and $11 for international round-trips, all of which goes towards planting trees and carbon offset education. There's been a real buzz around sustainable travel and carbon offsets recently, and though Delta is the first airline in the U.S. to offer such a program we hope others will soon follow suit. To learn more about carbon offsets, visit

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