So what is going on here? Orbitz is no longer listing JetBlue fares, that we knew. But why is Travelocity not showing JB's lowest fares either? We won't expect an answer from any of the three parties anytime soon, since they never answer our email or phoned inquiries, and therefore we just don't bother contacting them anymore (I mean hey, we're busy here).  But you, dear consumer, if you're looking for the lowest fare on a JetBlue-serviced route, must search both a third party site like Orbitz and JetBlue itself. Of course, that's what we do all day and all night: compare individual airline sites with various third-party online travel agencies. Yeah, we know, sounds boring, but we love it.

Not that JetBlue always has the lowest fares: that's absolutely not true. But they might. And sometimes Travelocity does list the lowest JB fare, but not always. Even Kayak doesn't always get it right, and to make things even more confusing, we have actually seen lower fares on Travelcocity than on JetBlue itself, for the same route and travel dates. But that's very, very unusual so forget we mentioned it.

As proof of what's going on here, take a look at the results of a fare search from Newburgh, NY to Ft. Lauderdale leaving June 13 and returning June 19. All of these results were "screen grabbed" within seconds of each other:

Here's Orbitz (no Jetblue at all):

Here's Travelocity ($194 on JetBlue):

And here's Kayak, showing the correct lowest fare on JetBlue of $144 RT including tax:

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